The Different Kinds Of Color Correctors and How to Use Them

This post will be short and sweet! Color correctors help to conceal discoloration, redness, scarring and dull skin. There are various types of correctors and they all have different purposes; in this blog post I will explain how to properly take advantage of these makeup products! This makeup artist hack stems from color theory and the color wheel. Green is across from red on the color wheel, therefore it counteracts it, same goes for every single corrector!

The different types of color correctors are:

  • Green- Used to hide redness of the skin
  • Purple-Used to brighten dull areas
  • Yellow-Used to conceal/brighten mild redness, purple veins (ideal for olive skin tones)
  • Orange/Red-Used to conceal dark circles, dark spots (medium-deep skin tones)
  • Pink/Salmon-Used to conceal dark circles, dark spots (light-medium skin tones)

Simply apply underneath your foundation and cancel out the use of concealer, these do a better job anyway ;) 

Some makeup brands that have entire lines of color correctors are: Urban Decay, Smashbox, Tarte, BECCA, and YSL